Weekly Reading

  1. Reebok wins the best PR move of the month with their “Nevertheless, She Persisted” shirts. For every shirt sold, Reebok is donating $20 to the Women’s March.

2. Check out this NY Times article that explains how in our shopping decisions are making political statement’s during Trump’s administration.

3. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Steve Hartman tells the story of a man who’s last wish was to take his wife to dinner. Grab a tissue before you watch this one.

4. I recently discovered the Aztec clay mask. It is a game changer.  Pro tip – use apple cider vinegar instead of water.

5. Prince’s music is now available on pretty much all streaming services. Quartz explains why he would’ve hated it.

Weekly Reading 2.26


Single women now make up the largest political force in the country. This is a helluva read on the impact young, unmarried women are having on politics and public policy in an election year.

Speaking of marriage, Bloomberg charted the likelihood of marriage based on professions and created the most amazing infographic I’ve ever seen. I spent at least 20 minutes moving my cursor around the screen in amazement. According to the people at Bloomberg, I’ll marry someone in management or business operations.

Apparently, people who curse have better vocabularies. And they say, cursing makes you sound unintelligent. As someone raised by a sailor, I appreciate this study.

My favorite place to waste a day in New York City just changed its iconic logo. The new logo for the Met looks like a design student’s project gone horribly wrong.

I found this awesome sweater jacket in a  boutique in Winter Park last weekend. Thank goodness they didn’t have it in my size because I would’ve dropped wayyy too much money on a sweater.

My fashion-forward friends (read B) will love this article on how dressing up for work actually leads to success.

Weekly Reading


I’ve been worrying way too much lately about what to wear to work and on dates. I saw this “quotable” on Pinterest the other day and thought it was a healthy reminder to just do you, in whatever you’re wearing.

Glassdoor just released their top 25 jobs of 2016. Is your dream career listed?

Buzzfeed recently put out a video about the things you should start doing alone. It reinforces this article from New York Magazine about the simple pleasure of being comfortable hanging out with yourself.

I saw this off-the-shoulder knit sweater on Extra Petite and CapHillStyle and finally caved and ordered it. So much for my money diet this month.

This article by Marky Ramone on his life in the band stopped me in my tracks today. Give it the 30 minutes it deserves.

I am a sucker for a good planner. Came across this Daily Greatness Planner while reading HerAgenda. It’s taking all my willpower not to order it. I already have this Lilly Pulitzer and this Day Designer on my desk at work.

Weekly Reading

pretty earth

Apparently, too many Christmas lights can screw up your wifi.

Zappos pulled an impressive PR stunt in a small New Hampshire town. They took a page out of Santa’s book and delivered nearly 2 thousand boxes in the middle of the night. Inside – boots, sweaters and other cold weather gear.

Here’s an invention that could make me into a morning person. An alarm clock that brews coffee right next to your bed.

I found these incredible fashion sketches made from flower petals on Tumblr the other day.

I’ve been searching for simple, pretty blouses to wear under cardigans and blazers for work. White Plum is my go-to right now. I just ordered this pleated blouse in emerald green.

GoldieBlox‘s latest ad is perfect.  “Fast Forward Girls 2015” spoofs Amy Schumer, Beyonce & Nicki Manj’s video, Misty Copeland and Hillary Clinton. My favorite part is the kid version of RBG eating cake in court. The company creates toys designed to encourage young girls to pursue STEM careers.

*image found here.


Weekly Reading


Can you believe it’s the week of Thanksgiving?! Time flies.

I am in charge of bringing the booze to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I plan to try out this Hot Toddy recipe.

REI is bucking the Black Friday tradition and keeping stores closed, paying their employees and urging everyone to get outside. Forbes breaks down why this move is perfectly on-brand. Side note: I am hoping to tackle this trail run on Friday but we’ll see how my legs feel after the 6K Turkey Trot.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots help Adele give her single “Hello” the classroom-instrument treatment and it’s everything you ever wanted.

Female meteorologists all across the country are wearing the same dress and the internet is losing it. As a former news producer, I completely understand how this happens. On-air talent has a pretty strict dress code and females are criticized if they repeat outfits too often.

Newly uncovered footage shows how fit 1960’s California teens were thanks to rigorous PE curriculum. It’s part of a documentary that filmmakers hope will influence lawmakers to rethink PE classes across the county.

*image found here.

Weekly Reading

the helpers

*My favorite quote to remind us of the good in people when tragedies strike.

Missy Elliott is back. Thank the music gods.

Merlot-infused coffee beans. For when you want to wake up but still enjoy the flavors of red wine.

Career Contessa spells out what not to talk about at work.

And my girl crush Aliza Licht discusses if red lipstick is a career killer.

I bought this boy’s denim button down from Target, thinking I’d be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. Now I’m rocking it as a light jacket.

Rocksbox sent me some House of Harlow jewelry this month. Now I’m obsessed with the designer and the geometric necklaces. (Use this code when you sign up: monicabff176 and earn free jewelry.)

Weekly Reading

teaforblog_*In an effort to push myself, I’m taking part in a creative challenge! This is just one piece of my original hand lettering for the monthly challenge. Check it out here.

The New Yorker takes a look at the rise of school shootings using a socialogy theory on riots to explain how today’s school shooter is less radical than those of the late 90’s. Terrifying stuff.

Glamour is slaying lately with incredible interviews of real role models for women. Sarah Silverman opens up on her struggle with depression. The line that hit home for me: “Like my mom always said, you just have to be brave enough to exist through it.”

Think your apartment is too small? A Google software engineer got tired of paying through the nose for a Bay area apartment he was rarely enjoying and is now living out of a box truck. 

They finally made a taco emoji!! Did you know there is an entire organization that decides what emojis get approved to work across all devices? NPR explains.

I found the best app for all the introverted extroverts out there. Avoid Humans lets you see which nearby restaurants and cafes are noisy and crowded – and which are peacefully empty. I can’t wait to use this on my next lazy afternoon of writing.

Weekly Reading

Fall is finally here! But unfortunately, we don’t get the beautiful foliage New Englanders are accustomed to down here in Florida. But one company is capitalizing on the seasonal craving of autumn leaves by shipping you sets for much less than a plane ticket.

And in case you missed the onslaught of pink merchandise or the annual slapping-of-pink-ribbons-on-everything, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I can’t be the only one tired of being guilted into buying pink-themed items without knowing how much of what I just spent actually gets back to real cancer research. Jezebel explains how the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign lies to women.

One very brave Harvard student wrote about being raped on campus.

“Alcohol is an integral part of the college experience and the society we live in, for better or for worse. Alcohol also makes people more vulnerable. But everyone has the right to get as drunk as they want to without the threat of being raped.” Read the whole article here:

A new study shows running can produce the same chemicals in your brain as smoking marijuana. This gives “runner’s high” more literal meaning.

As a self-proclaimed book worm, this article makes my heart happy. A bookstore in the UK decides to stop selling Kindles since they were getting “virtually no sales”. Apparently, the Brits like actual books.

And I saw this the other day on Facebook and keep going back to it every time I am in a bad mood:

Takes you right back to childhood, right?

Weekly Reading

A Texas runner is working to make catcalling illegal. I’ve never been grabbed or followed by any hecklers, like some of the examples in the article, but honking and hollering really pisses me off and disrupts the mental escape of a long run.

Open back tank tops are my new obsession. I ordered this one from J.Crew and love that I can wear a bra with it. And when the cooler weather hits, I can throw a grey blazer on over it and transition right into fall.

Mindy Kaling tells Glamour her secret to killer confidence. I feel like she’s the older sister I never had. Her new book is up next on my reading list.

Did you see the epic meltdown Tinder had on Twitter over the Vanity Fair article blaming the app for the “Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse“?  Talk about a PR nightmare.

Speaking of meltdowns – this morning news anchor losing it over yet another non-story story about the Kardashian family is uh-may-zing.