Book Club: Still Alice

What a heartbreaking novel. Alzheimer’s disease is the scariest illness to me. This book tells the story of a Harvard psychology professor with early onset Alzheimer’s. It takes you through her realization of memory issues, diagnosis, attempts at treatment and the heartbreaking, slow unraveling of her brilliant academic mind.

While extremely sad, this novel was so well written. You really understand the frustration the woman is dealing with. She knows she is intelligent and well-educated, and understands what is happening inside her brain.

The story delves into the lack of support for patients with early onset Alzheimer’s. People who still have plenty of life to live and don’t want to be stuck in an retirement home with no one near their age. This book is a reminder that life is precious and so very short. It is a reminder to be kind to one another, especially your family – even when you may not approve of the path they are taking.

I’m excited to watch the Oscar winning performance by Julianne Moore in the film adaptation of the book.

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