Weekly Reading


I’ve been worrying way too much lately about what to wear to work and on dates. I saw this “quotable” on Pinterest the other day and thought it was a healthy reminder to just do you, in whatever you’re wearing.

Glassdoor just released their top 25 jobs of 2016. Is your dream career listed?

Buzzfeed recently put out a video about the things you should start doing alone. It reinforces this article from New York Magazine about the simple pleasure of being comfortable hanging out with yourself.

I saw this off-the-shoulder knit sweater on Extra Petite and CapHillStyle and finally caved and ordered it. So much for my money diet this month.

This article by Marky Ramone on his life in the band stopped me in my tracks today. Give it the 30 minutes it deserves.

I am a sucker for a good planner. Came across this Daily Greatness Planner while reading HerAgenda. It’s taking all my willpower not to order it. I already have this Lilly Pulitzer and this Day Designer on my desk at work.

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