Weekly Reading 2.26


Single women now make up the largest political force in the country. This is a helluva read on the impact young, unmarried women are having on politics and public policy in an election year.

Speaking of marriage, Bloomberg charted the likelihood of marriage based on professions and created the most amazing infographic I’ve ever seen. I spent at least 20 minutes moving my cursor around the screen in amazement. According to the people at Bloomberg, I’ll marry someone in management or business operations.

Apparently, people who curse have better vocabularies. And they say, cursing makes you sound unintelligent. As someone raised by a sailor, I appreciate this study.

My favorite place to waste a day in New York City just changed its iconic logo. The new logo for the Met looks like a design student’s project gone horribly wrong.

I found this awesome sweater jacket in a  boutique in Winter Park last weekend. Thank goodness they didn’t have it in my size because I would’ve dropped wayyy too much money on a sweater.

My fashion-forward friends (read B) will love this article on how dressing up for work actually leads to success.

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